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2 Aug 2000

Children's August New Releases

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Silver Buttons
Don't Look Now Book 1
Don't Look Now Book 2
Extra Time
The Wishbird
Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie
The Whole Of My World
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1 Jun 2000

'More Than This' Preorder/Competition

The first 60 pre-orders for Patrick Ness' new novel More Than This will each receive a letter from Patrick Ness exclusive to his Australian and New Zealand fans.

Purchasing a copy of More Than This will put you in the draw to win a set of the Chaos Walking series signed especially for Books in Print. A signed copy of A Monster Calls is also up for grabs as a runner-up prize.

Exclusive to pre-orders is a special draw to win a limited edition signed and numbered proof copy of More Than This. Pre-payment is not required! 

To preorder online, simply fill out the form below and click submit. 

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