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7 Nov 2013

The Birdwatcher by William McInnes

Nov 2013 | $29.99pb | Hachette

In The Birdwatcher William McInnes has penned a charming love story which typically makes us cry while we are laughing and laugh while we are crying. We embrace his characters as mirrors of our sometimes wise, nerdy, grumpy, battle-scarred and scared, hilarious selves in search of a deeper connection to each other and our surroundings. The key in this endeavour, being a little stillness, is exemplified in the art of birdwatching. How can you watch birds and not be moved? How can you not collect their discarded feathers, to marvel at their design and the wonder of flight? ‘As they watch a great-billed heron somehow, almost impossibly, manages to lift itself off the ground and half-glide, half-fly to a clearing not far from where they stand. It settles with grace, like a cross between some prehistoric creature and a ballet dancer.’ In the very least, take this book out into the backyard and be still for a bit.

BiP staff review by Sue