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14 Nov 2014

Review | I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I'll Give You the Sun
by Jandy Nelson
Sept 2014 (US) | Dial | $29.95 hb

We completely and utterly adore this book! I’ll Give You the Sun is the story of twins, Noah and Jude. At thirteen they share everything - hopes, dreams, fears and even artistic ambitions, but by the time they are sixteen they are barely speaking to each other. I’ll Give You the Sun is the tale of how their connection is broken and, ultimately, beautifully, healed.

Noah tells of the twins' early years, Jude of those that come later, but each has only half the story right. It’s a well-documented fact that twins can often share magical bonds – in this case, that magic extends beyond, in the form of exceptional artistic talents. Woven throughout are the threads of several deeply moving love stories, each one complex, heartfelt and very real. It is in the unfolding and merging of the twins' stories that the magic really happens; it's a meditation on art, life, family, grief and how even the most broken of people can fix one another.

Reading this incredible young adult novel is like discovering a wonderful secret or being given the best present you can imagine. Each and every sentence feels profound, finds its way - soaringly - into your chest. It’s like riding an amazing emotional rollercoaster, one you'll never want to end!

Gushing though our review is, it's almost impossible to explain how gorgeous I'll Give You the Sun is until you immerse yourself in Nelson's carefully crafted characters - beautifully written, at times even electric. With a unique, evocative language all of its own and full of passion, joy, sorrow and intrigue, this book is so good that we are going out on a limb and declaring it our favourite young adult book of the year. A book to literally take your breath away.

Highly (very!) recommended for readers 15+