Books in Print

independent Australian bookselling since 1988

6 Apr 2017


After twenty-eight wonderful years as booksellers in Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Chris and Deborah have decided to retire. It is time to sort out the vegetable garden, cut some wood and plan the trips to see family overseas. Books in Print will consequently close at the expiration of its current lease on 30th June 2017.

We would like to thank all those customers who have supported us over the years. Your interest and excitement for books for all ages has enabled Books in Print to thrive since we opened in September 1988. It has been a privilege to help and advise such keen readers.

In the time remaining there will be some changes made to the way the BiP Book Club operates. Our final Bonus Voucher run has been completed and vouchers are on their way. We urge all members to redeem outstanding valid Bonus Vouchers as soon as possible, as well as any unused Gift Vouchers, and we would ask that members contact those people to whom they have given vouchers. So, unpin them from the noticeboard, take them off the fridge and search your usual hiding places, and bring them in!

As the points system will no longer operate we will instead give Book Club members a 15% discount on all purchases (excluding Australian Booksellers Association Vouchers).

We aim to provide as full a service as we can over the coming weeks, including our special order service for titles currently available in Australia.

Our staff have provided excellent and knowledgeable service to our customers. They have been so supportive for so many years and have made a huge contribution to the success of Books in Print. We would like to thank them for their efforts on our behalf and we will do our best to assist them in taking up opportunities for a working life after Books in Print.

Finally, we would like to share our enjoyment in working with our customers. Bookselling is a great way to meet a wide variety of fantastic people and we have made many friends through Books in Print. We will miss you.

We will keep members up-to-date with any further developments, including any special events for Book Club members.

Please drop in and say hello as usual – we want to celebrate over a quarter of a century’s very enjoyable bookselling with as many customers as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Chris, Deb, Cath, Kristy, Sue, Karen, Leonie, Lucinda and Nick